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Island Garage is an independent family run business which was founded in 1967 by Dennis Bunning. Dennis started his business in London, 67, where he worked upon customers cars on his drive way. Developing the business, Dennis was able to open his first garage in Hixon, Staffordshire. Simply called, Hixon Garage. The garage was a huge sucess and in a rural area. Looking to expand and take on the families first franchised dealership Dennis began development of Island Garage in Stafford.

In 1984 Stafford Land Rover was built and became a recognised name in Staffordshire. In 2011 Bunning Garages was founded, bringing us where we are today. Enabling us to offer you  a warm friendly service, covering the full range of vehicles. The business, now run by Dennis's grandson, Aaron Bunning, is growing all the time.

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